Monday, August 12, 2013

Three Fabric Designs Now Available!

Due to the lack of printed fabric designs that are appropriate to a lower-class 18th Century persona, I decided to design some of my own.

There are scads of multi-color Jacobean florals available that are appropriate to the period, but the lowest classes often wore one- and two-color prints. Red, purple and blue were the most common colors and though florals were popular, there were other choices on the market in the last half of the 18th Century. A shelled motif (what we would call fishscale) was another common design, but the only 18th-C.-appropriate fabric available at the time was Duran Textile's. I really wanted to see it represented more.

Design (c) Hillary Rizen

The Pennsylvania Gazette - June 17, 1764 - "Was stolen ... 
one Irish Poplin gown ... one small shelled Ditto ..."

 I was also inspired by some of the Foundling Hospital samples I'd seen in various sources, both online and in print, and created my own single-color "sprigged" design.

Three of my designs, including the one pictured above, are now available to purchase exclusively through Wm. Booth, Draper! Click on "Printed Cottons" to view them.


  1. Very exciting!

    I was admiring the purple sprigged print they linked to on Facebook and wishing I had a use for it :)

  2. They look so great! What an awesome first run.